Jon Dowat, Esq.

I started my career as a broker and investment advisor. During my career, I ended up doing a lot of tax work for my clients. I became interested in tax law because tax issues touched every aspect of my clients’ lives.

I felt I could help my clients more if I became a tax attorney. I quit my full time job and enrolled in law school.

As I was helping tax clients in my law practice, I realized that in addition to tax problems, my clients often had problems with debt. I did a few bankruptcies and ended up having a large bankruptcy practice. Currently, my practice is evenly split between resolving tax issues and helping clients through bankruptcy.

I have found that there is great synergy between bankruptcy law and tax law. Bankruptcy law allows a taxpayers to resolve their tax issues on better terms that the taxpayer would get outside of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, in certain instances, will allow a taxpayer to discharge penalties or pay back unsecured tax debt for “pennies on the dollar.”

I do not consider my practice to be solely bankruptcy or solely tax law; it is a practice utilizing bankruptcy law and tax law to help individuals and businesses resolve their financial problems.

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