Jon Dowat, Esq.

Jon Dowat, Esq.

I started my career as a broker and investment advisor. During my career, I ended up doing accounting for my clients. I became interested in the tax laws because helping my clients reduce their taxes was an area that made a huge difference in their lives.

I felt I could help my clients more if I studied the tax laws. I quit my full time job and enrolled in law school where I primarily studied taxation.

After I got my law degree I was helping my clients prepare tax returns and settle tax debts with the IRS. I did not plan to practice bankruptcy law. I discovered the bankruptcy laws gave me more leverage over the IRS when resolving my clients tax problems.

Internal Revenue Code (tax laws) make up a large part of the Bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy law allows a taxpayers greater control in resolving tax issues and can allow taxpayers to discharge penalties or pay back some taxes for “pennies on the dollar.” In some instances bankruptcy can completely discharge Federal and State income taxes.

My practice utilizes bankruptcy and tax laws to help individuals and businesses resolve their financial problems. This combination taxation and bankruptcy gives clients a greater range of options in relieving the stress related to their financial problems (primarily tax and debt issues).